The APA SPCA is a Proactive Animal Welfare Non Profit Organization

Financially Responsible

Be prepared for your pets needs. Please click here for more information.

Volunteer Programs

The APA SPCA offers volunteer and salaried positions in your community. Please click here for more information.

Emergency Assistance

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The APA SPCA offers Emergency Assistance Programs for pet owners with a financial and pet emergency. Please click here for more information.

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We have added the Foster Program!



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Our Volunteers

The fantastic people behind the APA SPCA.

PLEASE NOTE -  We are currently restructuring and temporarily not offering services.  We will announce here when we will be offering services again.

Welcome to the APA SPCA!

The APA SPCA is a semi-national non profit humane organization that is addressing the
impact our current economy has had on pets and pet owners, as well as
ongoing responsible pet owning issues.

Coming in 2016 - Addressing unintentional pet abuse. The #1 cause of pet abuse in our nation that is not being addressed by any other organization!

Current Programs are:

  • Emergency Medical Care for pets
  • Emergency Pet Food Bank
  • Volunteer Educator Program
  • Foster Care Support
  • Spay/Neuter Program Support
  • Animal Cruelty Reward Fund

View all programs here

A new approach to emergency and critical assistance

Many people are tired of having only a fraction of their fundraising dollars, if any, going to the cause they support. The APA SPCA can give specific details on fundraising and the % of your donation you can expect to go to the cause. In addition, when funds are raised locally, you can expect the majority of those funds to remain in your local area helping the pets of your community.

Also, at the APA SPCA we recognize that different people have different needs. Those in emergency situations, at no fault of their own, can receive immediate assistance, with no payback required. Those that can help raise funds for their situation are asked to do so. Fair distribution insures better, more responsible and ethical handling of donors' funds.

Qualified Emergency Assistance

Standards and fraud protection: APA SPCA provides assistance only to qualified applicants. You can rest assured that your donations are going where they are needed. We do not allow abuse or fraud to waste our funding.

It is hard to turn anyone away but the reality is that if you cannot afford your pet on a daily basis the solution is not to have others fund your pet ownership, but to allow that pet to go to a home where it can be properly cared for. Pet ownership is a responsibility that comes with a certain financial commitment not only for daily costs, but the medical and other care that can be necessary throughout the pets life.

New Programs Coming

Through our network of Founding Volunteers, new programs are being evaluated and considered on a regular basis. We live in a quickly changing world and you can count on the APA SPCA to keep up with the current needs of our pet loving society, whether it is financial support, or education.

Companion animals provide us with a love and  friendship that is priceless.
In return they must be treated responsibly and with respect.

Please help us by talking a moment to donate. Even a dollar greatly helps!




About the APA SPCA

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Financially Responsible Pet Owners

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Pet Owner Assistance

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