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2/12/14 - by Rich Werner

Veterinary Care

Veterinary care can be expensive, and that is a good thing in one way. Due to advances in veterinary medicine, we can now detect and treat more illnesses than ever before. The problem is that the treatment, like in humans, can be very expensive.

What can you do?

Take a look at your personal financial situation. If you are able to afford a couple of thousand dollars in vet bills at any time, you don't really have anything to worry about. Unfortunately most of us are not that lucky, including the author of this article!

Plan 1 - Credit

It is a great idea to have a paid off credit card, that has favorable terms, set aside for unexpected veterinary care. The credit limit should be at least $1000.00. Be sure to maintain the card as required, which may include using it and paying it off periodically. You also can use this card to keep track of your pet expenses. I use one card for all of my pet costs, and pay it off at the end of each month. This keeps the card active, and helps to increase my credit limit and lower my interest rate.

There are credit plans that are available for emergency pet bills. Be aware these can have unfavorable terms, be sure to check interest rates and payment terms. You are always better off not waiting until the last minute to handle these situations.

Plan 2 - Pet Care Savings Account

A great idea is to set up a pet care savings account. This is an especially good thing to do in conjunction with the credit plan above.  Put aside a pre-determined amount every month starting when your pet is young.  Just $10.00 a month will give you $600.00+ interest by the time your pet is 5 years old.


Remember that waiting for a problem to occur before you act is always the worst option. Be sure to be preventive in your pets care including:

  • Never allow the pet to run free. Aside from getting hit by a car, or attacked by wildlife, they can ingest any number of things to make them, or your family, sick.

  • Feed a good quality food. A better quality food leads to better health in the long term and many say you save the additional cost of the food with lower health care costs.

  • Regularly inspect your pet’s environment for objects they could get hurt on or ingest.

  • Regularly inspect your pet for cuts, growths or infections. Always take your pet to the vet immediately if you have a concern.

  • An annual checkup is highly recommended for all pets to help identify problems before they become life, or wallet, threatoning.

And finally remember that your pets health care can never be provided by advice on the internet or from your Aunt Erma. Your pet will always need a physical exam by a licensed veterinarian for any health concern. Cutting corners here can have tragic consequences. Unfortunately we see it every day.

Our pets give so much to us and actually make us healthier and happier.  The least we can do is take a little extra time to prevent and plan for their long term health.




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